Lily Cheng-Schulting

Lily Cheng-Schulting, J.D.

Candidate for State Representative – District 72


ATTORNEY: Graduate of University of California at Berkeley and Syracuse University College of Law.

ADVOCATE: Founder of 501(c)(3) Disability A-Team of West Michigan.

ALLY: Board Member¬†Michigan Department of Education’s Special Education Advisory Committee.

Why Lily for Michigan?


EDUCATION: More funding for schools including support services and therapists for students and staff.
MENTAL HEALTH & HEALTH CARE: Everyone deserves healthcare coverage and individuals with disabilities deserve services to help them and their families live a quality life.
ECONOMIC EQUITY: Raising wages and providing vocational learning options with training to our workforce.

Lily understands the importance of a healthy, more equitable community. Her family immigrated from Taiwan when she was three years old. Lily has integrated into the community as a wife, mother of an autistic son, attorney, activist and advocate willing to openly fight for marginalized communities, economic and social equity. Now she is running for a larger platform to represent you in the 72nd as a State Representative.

Lily for Michigan

As your Michigan State Representative, I will dedicate my energy, experience, and skills as an attorney, advocate, and ally to:

Check boxImprove support services for students, teachers, staff, and schools and ensure high quality education for all students


Check boxImprove access to quality healthcare and mental health and disability services


Check boxProtect the environment


Check boxStrengthen the economic development and resources for small businesses, farms, and start-ups to thrive in Michigan, while promoting fair wages


Check boxPromoting policies for a quality of life and future for all Michiganders